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1. Photographs that are submitted must have been taken in the last 7 years.
2. All digital images must be in JPEG format, RGB mode, with a maximum of 1920 pixels (on the longer side) at 156dpi.
3. The image size should not exceed 2MB.
4. Photographs with borders, frames, watermarks or signatures will not be considered for judging.
5. Basic re-touching (brightness, saturation, sharpening and contrast) of images is acceptable as long as the photograph retains its original form. Any image that appears drastically different from its RAW version will be disqualified.
6. Once shortlisted, participants will be contacted to provide the accompanying RAW file. Participant shall submit the RAW file in short notice. All information regarding post-processing of the image must be shared on request.
7. Stitching of images is allowed only if the resultant image is a panoramic one and should be specifically mentioned.
8. Each image will have to be accompanied by a relevant title and description.