Karnataka, Cauvery Beat


This Shivanasamudra is a small town in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka. It is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri, which forms here the boundary to the Chamarajanagar District. This is a segmented waterfall. Segmented waterfalls occur where the water flow is broken into two or more channels before dropping over a cliff, resulting in multiple side by side waterfalls. The western branch results in the twin waterfalls of Gaganachukki, whereas the eastern branch results in the Bharachukki falls. Karnataka Hotels shivanasamudra is a property that located near to Bharachukki falls. The hotel is a compact with 4 A/C double room.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms


Type : Hotel
Location: Shivanasamudra, Barachukki Falls Rd, Cauvery Beat, Karnataka 571440